Gorgeous brunette getting her mouth fucked

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Tags: Throated, Blowjob, Mouth fucking, Michelle, Brunette
Description: Gorgeous brunette getting her mouth fucked
Duration: 03:43 Added: Just Now
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Video Comments

Posted by big dick (1411 days ago)
i agre with tom im barely 16 and my cock is about twice the size of this fags. i should b a fuckin pornstar lol
Posted by nuts (1437 days ago)
it must suck to have a lil pepe
Posted by plasticsman34996 (1469 days ago)
reminds me of my ex - wife
Posted by nydeuces (1481 days ago)
Posted by tom (1481 days ago)
my dick is 7 inches and im only 17....this guy is 35 and his dick is only 3 inches...HAHAH
Posted by JACK KNOFF (1528 days ago)
Posted by bobo (1551 days ago)
All you 16 somethings that say you have 11 inches or two foot cocks are hilarious.
Posted by bob (1553 days ago)
shut the fuck up u some fucking liers
Posted by a shame (1576 days ago)
Got to be honest, I like this video, but forcefulness is only the icing on the cake. This is really hot visually, but you cant shake the feeling that this hot milf bitches throat isnt taking the pounding it looks like its taking.
Posted by EdDd (1579 days ago)
Posted by ken kaniff (1579 days ago)
mmmmuuuuhgmmmmmmmmmmi wanna stick my huge cock in his and her mouth in this videommmmm
Posted by NOTHOT (1602 days ago)
Posted by mali (1604 days ago)
very nicehe give her mouth very very nicelyý wish to give too
Posted by Mr.10 or 11 (1676 days ago)
i wounder how old that loser is....he has a very small dick....im 16 and im at 10 or 11 inches....but that woman is super cute.....she also has a nice rack
Posted by whopper (1677 days ago)
tiny dick...............................
Posted by big dick (1679 days ago)
he has a little dick, only reason she can deepthroat it
Posted by ufu (1680 days ago)
damn small dick mines like 7 inches
Posted by wtf? (1684 days ago)
thats just bizzare, little floppy mofo
Posted by mdboner (1684 days ago)
Posted by roadtr1p (1685 days ago)
hahah soo funny it's cool !!!
Posted by steph (1686 days ago)
holy shit my bf is 14 and his cock is 7inches, and dat guy is like3inches or 2! and hes like 30!
Posted by Metallimeist (1686 days ago)
who is she?
Posted by katy (1686 days ago)
he mad cuz he small
Posted by jj (1686 days ago)
tell his mother fucker to take a viagra before he going to doing a business.
Posted by LongDongSilver (1689 days ago)
lmao wow heard of Viagra mother fucker wow im surprised he had the gutts to even let this video out his home collection lol
Posted by tee72 (1690 days ago)
I want suck you every lady in bangkok Thailan.
Posted by luffy (1690 days ago)
watch me dont laugh
Posted by timmy (1691 days ago)
why the fuck would you sufficate her with your tiny ass dick?
Posted by ss (1692 days ago)
i want to suck my brothers cock . mmm
Posted by big j (1692 days ago)
text me if you wanna fuck 9364026168
Posted by Buffy (1692 days ago)
ahah cant get it up even when shes sucking it? you gotta be gay. use viagra next time!! teeny weeny tiny dinglong hehe
Posted by carlo (1696 days ago)
little dick
Posted by big cock (1696 days ago)
Madelyn Marie
Posted by Spaw (1697 days ago)
Who is she? Michelle Maylene?
Posted by fewferf (1697 days ago)
no deeep
Posted by bigger d (1697 days ago)
fix-a-flat, u pussy
Posted by Psychoannihilator (1698 days ago)
Now we're talking business.
Posted by wow (1699 days ago)
its like a dick buut smaller
Posted by hahaha (1699 days ago)
best part about this video is the comments.
Posted by LOL (1700 days ago)
first lisa ur a slag lol second he has 1 fucking tiny dick haha at the end he realises he is running out of options so he pinches her nose in an atempt to make her gasp for air rofl sad haha LOL
Posted by lisa here (1700 days ago)
when I was 13 I had four hung nigger fuck me at camp fro the whole summer and I loved it I sucked swallow and let then cum in me
Posted by Lidia (1705 days ago)
That stupid fuck gets off on causing pain to her mouth cuz with that dick he could never cause pain to her pussy. ha ha
Posted by ffff (1705 days ago)
ese tipo q ni rape q lo tienes chiquito yo creo q ni ase venir una mujer d tan pequeno q es el pequeno ese
Posted by ffg (1706 days ago)
fucking idiot
Posted by John (1706 days ago)
It would have been better if he's been hard
Posted by Wired (1709 days ago)
She'd get bummed
Posted by khan (1709 days ago)
Gal is hot but the guy is one fucking asshole
Posted by joe (1709 days ago)
that blowjob looks hot
Posted by twist (1710 days ago)
wtf small ass dick.how can he make her gag wit his little dick.but yeah treat her like da bitch she is!!!
Posted by deveren (1712 days ago)
dude my dick is bigger than his an im only 15
Posted by NoName (1712 days ago)
He has a smaller penis than the Japanese guys!
Posted by lol (1712 days ago)
what the fuck, is he trying to choke her on his sausage?
Posted by joey (1713 days ago)
Thats my sister
Posted by adrien (1714 days ago)
atleast make her gag
Posted by m (1715 days ago)
doesnt look like she has any problem sucking his little, flacid ding dong
Posted by dallasmaan (1716 days ago)
that dudes dick looks like a bubble gum stick.
Posted by MoDizzle (1721 days ago)
It looks like she has more trouble when he sticks his thumb in her mouth. This video is BUSH.
Posted by ha! (1722 days ago)
ha!i've got nipples bigger than this!!!
Posted by johnny (1722 days ago)
if i were her i would bite his dick till it bleeds
Posted by geeeez (1723 days ago)
she lookes like shes in sooo much pain
Posted by bigger than this fag (1724 days ago)
WOWWW lmfao!!! 'its like a cock but smaller!!'
Posted by o (1724 days ago)
im madd cuz when yew got a lil dick yew cant do shit like this without her gaggin nd gettin madd...
Posted by o (1725 days ago)
mmm ya suck that cock
Posted by Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (1725 days ago)
lmao hes fucking her jaw
Posted by elbrens (1725 days ago)
Posted by Wow. (1727 days ago)
Women fought for rights to have some small dick in there mouth being forcefully choked fuck outta here. This is pathetic terrible porn also...
Posted by 8 1/2 inches bitches (1727 days ago)
lmfao it aint because hes white he just has a fucking small dick XD im white and i have a much bigger dick than him
Posted by fuk (1730 days ago)
thats the smallest dick i have ever seen if he was man handling me i would beat the shit out of him or ite his dick off
Posted by spaw (1731 days ago)
What is her name? I must know.
Posted by wtf (1732 days ago)
that's the biggest cock ever
Posted by frankfurter (1733 days ago)
Is that a mini chipolata?
Posted by wazzup nigga :P (1733 days ago)
mini dick!
Posted by whitegirl (1735 days ago)
its cuz he is white
Posted by hahahaha (1736 days ago)
mini dick!
Posted by pimpin (1736 days ago)
aww u fuckin yo sister
Posted by dan (1737 days ago)
It's a MINI!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by m (1738 days ago)
what's with his cock being soft. If she was doing that 2 me, would be harder than diamond!!!
Posted by kate (1741 days ago)
aww, so cute.even i have a bigger dick than that for fucks sake lol
Posted by jo (1741 days ago)
Posted by hahahahahahahahahahaha (1742 days ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah wtf, he have a small, small dick. It's ridiculous
Posted by random (1742 days ago)
shes hot really hot.reminds me of my mom.hes ridic small ass cock
Posted by fuckmaster (1744 days ago)
yo i am 16 and i have a way bigger dick then that
Posted by PINKY (1744 days ago)
Posted by me (1745 days ago)
hahahah 2 inch dick
Posted by wtf (1747 days ago)
omfg the smallest dick
Posted by ??? (1747 days ago)
Yo, whats her name???!?!??!
Posted by rick (1747 days ago)
shes hot but hes pathetic tiny dick
Posted by manuel53 (1748 days ago)
Posted by Daddy Long Legs (1748 days ago)
Not only was it small... but it was soft... and he had the nerve to try to be forceful with 4 inches of glory
Posted by ihateboring (1749 days ago)
She is hot. He's pathetic.
Posted by a kid (1749 days ago)
my dicks about 8 inchs bigger then that soft
Posted by Poo (1749 days ago)
Lol baby dick
Posted by L (1751 days ago)
whats her name?
Posted by r (1751 days ago)
shite/.... why would u do this
Posted by donkeyboy (1751 days ago)
I wouldn't video my cock if it was that small!!
Posted by Then... (1752 days ago)
Why watch it? Moron!
Posted by terrible (1753 days ago)
the worst video i have ever seen.
Posted by janis (1753 days ago)
pretty girl///but?
Posted by x?x (1753 days ago)
this is most stupid video I've ever seen :(((
Posted by george (1753 days ago)
small cock
Posted by haha (1754 days ago)
mali kurac!
Posted by ew (1754 days ago)
he could not have been hard
Posted by Whoa. (1754 days ago)
I'm not huge, but that was embarassing. Props to her though, she's hot as hell.
Posted by Jason (1755 days ago)
So stupid. not even enjoyable.
Posted by lala (1755 days ago)
Posted by larry rybarz (1755 days ago)
that was a nice dck
Posted by Lol. (1756 days ago)
Pathetic forreal. Porno like this is garbadge. Im sure she hated that.
Posted by WTF? (1756 days ago)
Was he hard?? Didn't look like it... and it didn't show his face because he was soo embarassed..
Posted by BIG COCK (1756 days ago)
Posted by wow (1761 days ago)
that was a small ass dick!!! how do u plan to mouth fuck with that lil thing!
Posted by freak (1953 days ago)
im bout to bust the biggest nut to this hot ass video....i love when girks can swallow the whole thing....it makes my 4 inch dick so fucking hard. i love gay porn tranny porn everything i will suck a dick for free i love it...ill suck your dick even if it it was 1 inch.
Posted by ants (1960 days ago)
aint that cute. she can fit it in her cheek
Posted by jamal (2064 days ago)
I am a mouth fucker..but my dick is much bigger so i'm actually fucking the sluts mouth. his dick is so small looks like hes massaging her mouth.
Posted by Unholly (2099 days ago)
That guy need Viagra. Maybe 2 of them for one fuck.
Posted by Tha Man (2140 days ago)
Ive seen clits bigger then that dick
Posted by Big Mac (2171 days ago)
2 inch Dan
Posted by david (2314 days ago)
it sucked
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