Girls get cunts licked in VIP room of nightlclub

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Category:RealityTags:In The VIP, Inthevip, Reality, Cunninglingus, Threesome
Description:Girls get cunts licked in VIP room of nightlclub
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Review:In The VIP is a great reality site brought to you by the same people who gave you the world famous MILF Hunter site; the Reality Kings. They take cameras into the VIP sections of some of the hottest clubs in America and capture all of the wonderful debauchery on camera for our entertainment. Everything is fully exclusive and down loadable in high quality, plus you get access to the full Reality Kings network which is one hell of a deal. Read more of the In The VIP review.

Video Comments

Posted by hornyyy (1610 days ago)
i want him to eat me outttt
Posted by alaalmi (1611 days ago)
Posted by marcus3 (1619 days ago)
Posted by jewelz (1626 days ago)
so whts gd
Posted by manna (1628 days ago)
i will royally suck lick
Posted by cookienihui (1631 days ago)
Guys, meet sexy sugarmommy on [ C_o_u_g_a_r_a_
Posted by ill fuck the both of you (1642 days ago)
ur gay you should have fucked them dumb ass muther fucka
Posted by d (1644 days ago)
wow...i like it so much..make me feel horny and my pink pussy become wet like waiting somebody lick it..yeah...oh..fuck me...lick my asshole...
Posted by NEIL (1646 days ago)
Posted by e. (1646 days ago)
no fuck me
Posted by Carla (1646 days ago)
i want someone to lick me like that come on boys ;)
Posted by mike (1650 days ago)
fool gets downnn
Posted by amy (1655 days ago)
im so wet right now . i want someone to lick me like that .
Posted by jaims (1663 days ago)
i will do that to ya veronika
Posted by Lamocklitpanochtl (1664 days ago)
outFUCKINstanding... My tongue got hard and my Dick dripped!
Posted by SandySue (1666 days ago)
That was great I wud like to lick that, have my togue and face filled with those juices.
Posted by Ann (1670 days ago)
Fabulous... These girls r really lucky. I would to give him one chance to lick my pussy.
Posted by horny and hot (1672 days ago)
i want to fuck my girl.... grrrr......
Posted by sumit (1673 days ago)
iwant to fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u
Posted by 13 yr old (1675 days ago)
who likes 13 yr olds for real
Posted by pussy eater (1680 days ago)
hmmmmm, I need some Blondy who loved to be swallowed to lick and prove to her am a real pussy eater. what you watch is nothing, am hot pussy licker.
Posted by dripping (1681 days ago)
cannot watch this enough. This guy is good. would love to have him lick up all my pussy juices and make me cum again and again.
Posted by karlos (1682 days ago)
holybeth ill lick u
Posted by jamie (1689 days ago)
i would like to like your pussy
Posted by ANDRUS (1690 days ago)
Posted by iyotan (1693 days ago)
bubuton ta
Posted by jj (1694 days ago)
damn i want that guy to eat my pussy like that
Posted by meagain (1695 days ago)
i get fucking licked like that most nights then a good hard cock up both my holes its great
Posted by badboy (1708 days ago)
i will lick some
Posted by Veronika (1710 days ago)
Oh my, I want my pussy and clit licked like that.. will anyone lick me?
Posted by yummm (1711 days ago)
I would stuff my face in that cunt im a horny guy email smn92 at live. com
Posted by megat (1713 days ago)
i like this video
Posted by megat (1713 days ago)
fuck this video
Posted by Irish (1718 days ago)
man that guy is shit....looks fuckin rotten!!!
Posted by Confident (1733 days ago)
I lick better
Posted by blakman (1736 days ago)
i need a pussy for my cock, my yahoo id is bangthedrums777
Posted by bhupendra (1736 days ago)
very good lick see
Posted by Jim (1741 days ago)
I liked al of these vids, send more
Posted by arshea (1743 days ago)
i love 2 b licked!
Posted by winky (1749 days ago)
he iss soo gud in licking..wish my bf does the same to me 2morow........muaxx
Posted by 32 chick (1751 days ago)
its been a while since I been licked like that!
Posted by suck me boyyy (1765 days ago)
Nice licking
Posted by kissser (1767 days ago)
oh nice
Posted by candy (1770 days ago)
dude was hold it down, shit i need someone like him. Where r u? that was the best pusy licking i ever seen.
Posted by candy (1770 days ago)
dude was hold it down, shit need someone like him.where r u?
Posted by HollyBeth (1772 days ago)
OMG I want someone to lick my pussy like that... shit that looks good, i am so wet now...
Posted by josh (1773 days ago)
Posted by licker (1775 days ago)
i lick ur pussy darling lick 4 pussy now call me 00919815383637
Posted by cute gal (1776 days ago)
oh ,my god!! pls fuck me sumone..... i wish.. sumone fucks me.. i have never tried before.
Posted by Sexy bitch (1781 days ago)
Sexy when i was watching it i was rubbing my self!
Posted by sexygirl (1787 days ago)
really good video. lucky girls. hope i too had a chance of licking the cunt.....aaaaaaaaaaaaah so nice.
Posted by Elaina (1788 days ago)
That is fucking hot! waiting for my man to get home so he can lick me real good
Posted by 14year old (1802 days ago)
i came so hard to this
Posted by AtéOsCoco (1814 days ago)
Teimmm Neim Jeito!
Posted by love johny (1833 days ago)
I think he look like Pitbull, the hip hop singer.
Posted by pussy (1837 days ago)
fuck thats so awesome
Posted by pussy (1837 days ago)
fuck thats so awesome
Posted by salman khan (1844 days ago)
wat a shit
Posted by dbb (1847 days ago)
he is damn good a licking, i wish he could do it to me now, I am feeling horny
Posted by licker (1854 days ago)
i lick your pussy like that
Posted by raj (1856 days ago)
live for sex what is life without cunk licking and fucking
Posted by raj (1857 days ago)
licking gives equal or more pleasure than fucking
Posted by woo (1863 days ago)
lucky guy in the world
Posted by linda (1865 days ago)
pull my panties down and lick me please
Posted by Katy (1865 days ago)
My man eats me just like this. Having to watch since he is not here.
Posted by Eva (1867 days ago)
Holy shit this made me sooo wet i had to stick my fingers in my soaking pussy until i came and then lick off the cunt juice...i wish someone could like my pussy like that
Posted by firecatcher2 (1873 days ago)
2 hot babes have me hungry for eating some pusy
Posted by chenequia (1884 days ago)
home pussy
Posted by chenequia (1884 days ago)
Posted by yup (1888 days ago)
you think thats good you should c me
Posted by kkk (1895 days ago)
he is lucky guy!!!! wow and lucky women too!!! :)
Posted by Joy (1896 days ago)
Wish my lover worked it like that!
Posted by bum (1900 days ago)
Posted by yum (1902 days ago)
thats how i lick pussy, i love putting my mouth on it like that and sucking it
Posted by the big peeanus (1906 days ago)
oooo that is so good xxx y realy never forget the times i spend duing that
Posted by gaga (1908 days ago)
lol I was connected to a girls cam at EXPERTLADIES (dotcom) and she pulled down her pants and told me to cum!! I love the live girls there and all accounts are fr33 they are crazy
Posted by crazy4porn (1908 days ago)
This bitch is badass! Just saw more of her at eroticgirlz (com) and they are all full scenes! Great Stuff!
Posted by me (1911 days ago)
mmmmm dis got me so horny i wish sumbody cud lik me like that
Posted by Louisa (1915 days ago)
Woo Woo...Yummy
Posted by bmrgy4 (1921 days ago)
im me baby I will lick your wet cunt
Posted by GRr (1927 days ago)
holla at me girls at 15622219146 ima cute guy
Posted by sexy1 (1931 days ago)
ummmm hes not hot he just has a great mouth and fat tongue and they got pretty pussys i wouldn mind suckin on too
Posted by dibs (1932 days ago)
Posted by hmm (1936 days ago)
ah that made me so fuckin horny. i want sum1 to lick and stick his big cock up my tight pussy
Posted by ANONYMOUS (1939 days ago)
Posted by adult (1947 days ago)
i love the way he licked... lick me please...
Posted by LOVER21 (1949 days ago)
Posted by gumetall (1952 days ago)
i am ready .......mmmgunmetall at yahoo
Posted by TINKY (1957 days ago)
Posted by peaches (1957 days ago)
That was hot I cummed in my pants
Posted by Seamus Fennelly (1960 days ago)
Last night i had a dream that Nick
Posted by whatever (1963 days ago)
that's definitely capri
Posted by fan (1964 days ago)
I think I'm in love with Johnny Sins..
Posted by :] (1967 days ago)
this is why i love johnny sins.i'd fuck him any day!
Posted by =o (1969 days ago)
hes effing hotwow lol he's great at it!!
Posted by Terry Lewis (1974 days ago)
I'll lick ur cunt Krissy
Posted by Terry Lewis (1974 days ago)
I'll lick ur cunt KARY
Posted by Dan (1974 days ago)
Posted by krissy (1975 days ago)
oh my i think i need someone to lick me...anyone up for the job?call me. (;
Posted by KARY (1976 days ago)
i need my clit licked =0
Posted by jim (1982 days ago)
god i came all over the place this video is great..... now i have to clean up!!!!! :D
Posted by Chris (1986 days ago)
i would loooove him to do that to me.
Posted by Derrick (1987 days ago)
I know that brunette! Holy shit!!!! And its not CAPRI CAVALLI. Her name is Deana
Posted by Ray (1988 days ago)
Lucky Fucker
Posted by rachel (1997 days ago)
i like to see guys licking pussys
Posted by STACKZ (1998 days ago)
Posted by Batgirl (2000 days ago)
Awesome!! He can lick my pussy any day - or night!! Love it - i am so horny :)
Posted by l (2017 days ago)
I am so wet!
Posted by TripleXtube (2020 days ago)
Very Nice!!!
Posted by luke (2024 days ago)
the guy in the videos name is Johnny Sins, he is fuking fit , i wanna lick his ass hole , by the way guys is it true that joe jonas from the jonas brothers was a woman before?
Posted by joe (2026 days ago)
good movie
Posted by Jo (2028 days ago)
The licking is good I would like him to do on a black girl.
Posted by jobforacowboy (2029 days ago)
the brunette's hot
Posted by dee (2031 days ago)
the brunette is so fkn beautiful. wow.
Posted by there is (2032 days ago)
That cunt licking is good someone please do that to me:)
Posted by ivor biggen (2032 days ago)
hay girls i can lick pussy like... mmmm nice get it right up there. and side to side. i love pussy juice running down my chin....
Posted by shelia (2033 days ago)
i horny just wachting it
Posted by Katie (2039 days ago)
Mmmm :) is it normal for a straight girl to watch this?
Posted by no name (2040 days ago)
mmm wish he was here right now
Posted by Oceanspray41 (2041 days ago)
3 bald cunts in this video
Posted by brunette_babeyy (2045 days ago)
this is the best pussy eating i've ever seen
Posted by Baybee giirl,, (2046 days ago)
He could eat me out any dayy.Wish ii had someone like him to eat me out..
Posted by rocky5 (2047 days ago)
those girls work at the speremint rhino in santa barbra 805-568-1620 giving vips 3 songs for 120
Posted by priyanka chopra (2050 days ago)
how sweet is it ooww
Posted by REJECT (2053 days ago)
help a brotha out plleaassee, i cant last longer than 2 minutes and need to overcome this bullshit problem!!!! talk shit all u want but if u can email me id love to know how to break these sluts off propper!! thanks
Posted by lalabiOtch! (2053 days ago)
the brunette's pussy is swollen as fuck!!
Posted by Bella (2057 days ago)
damn he's hot. he can get it. lol
Posted by g (2064 days ago)
this shit is so fuckin cash.i got buzzed watching this mahn.
Posted by horny (2073 days ago)
damn, my clit is dripping with cumi wish i had someone to eat me out like that
Posted by TB (2073 days ago)
Posted by MALIBU (2080 days ago)
Posted by bi-boi (2088 days ago)
would love to snog his face off after that
Posted by sexygirl (2103 days ago)
that guy is very beautiful
Posted by porno (2109 days ago)
any one knows the name of the brunnette
Posted by haha (2112 days ago)
he cant eat worth a shit
Posted by uuggh (2115 days ago)
how do pussy taste
Posted by Dude (2116 days ago)
Thats the king at work.. the F'N King.... Take note
Posted by sdfg (2120 days ago)
fucken turned me on.
Posted by Biker badass. (2122 days ago)
that guy.... right there, the fucking king. a fucking legend... end of fucking story.
Posted by bnp gary (2129 days ago)
i did that to a group of 5 pakistani muslims whores whilst there husbands were at work doing fraud, and their young children watched
Posted by (2130 days ago)
see more
Posted by BZerk (2140 days ago)
What the hell kinda club is this?! And why wasn't I invited?
Posted by jessjerz (2141 days ago)
Posted by Leon (2143 days ago)
hmmm schmekt
Posted by dwayy (2146 days ago)
yea man what could you want else...haha
Posted by wow (2151 days ago)
rap n pussy. what u want else?
Posted by ben (2154 days ago)
add me if you wanna talk dirty on msn im 18/m rugby_benny
Posted by ass smaker (2161 days ago)
it wuz ok
Posted by wow (2162 days ago)
omg the brunette is SOO HOT!
Posted by Nice (2164 days ago)
Not sure who the blondie was, but the brunette is named Capri Cavalli
Posted by guy (2168 days ago)
dude that brunette is SO HOT!
Posted by g (2168 days ago)
this is a fuck g
Posted by peratrta (2169 days ago)
Nice way to say" Welcome to the club ladies"
Posted by colin (2176 days ago)
colin 7628660 triridad east
Posted by melissa dalley (2180 days ago)
she wants fuck with u
Posted by pinay (2184 days ago)
johnny sins is the fucking man.
Posted by chander (2188 days ago)
hi honey u want my dick
Posted by szczecin (2190 days ago)
podzielil by sie kutas a nie sam lize 2
Posted by lala (2193 days ago)
hope he get aids after fuking
Posted by E (2194 days ago)
I can
Posted by ovlan (2200 days ago)
i do it
Posted by :P (2202 days ago)
i just came :D
Posted by shittitties (2212 days ago)
OMG! I want a man to lick my pussy like that.
Posted by (2212 days ago)
If Johnny wants to lick my pussy he surely can, i want to be in that couch!
Posted by Jaxsters (2214 days ago)
How do I get invited to one of these VIP sessions? LOL!!!
Posted by juliejohn (2216 days ago)
wish that was my wife in there!
Posted by Paul (2218 days ago)
Congratulations!!!(It's for the guy in the video)
Posted by For rod cock (2218 days ago)
How could you say that this man is a fag?! You are only envious of him!
Posted by gman (2222 days ago)
this guy gets a wooooooooow!!!!!! from me.
Posted by For rod cock (2226 days ago)
He doesn't fuck them yet because licking pussy is wonderful, but it's obvious he'll fuck them after.
Posted by I love pussy (2226 days ago)
This man is my idol!! He picked up these two gorgeous girls and licked their lovely pussies in the club, he is a great man!
Posted by lol (2229 days ago)
omg it was!
Posted by sexigurluvr (2231 days ago)
i need to be spanked like them... anyone wanna do it for me? talk to me on gurl3riskycutie on Yahoo
Posted by 3hourpower (2231 days ago)
If any girls want a reall licking they can cum to me !!!
Posted by bugnes (2232 days ago)
fucking pro
Posted by chino (2233 days ago)
me too
Posted by JohnnyLover (2238 days ago)
It was just a two minute clip. How do you know what the rest is?
Posted by rod cock (2242 days ago)
why wouldnt the fag just fuck em
Posted by Pussylicker (2247 days ago)
I can't live without licking pussy!
Posted by z (2252 days ago)
that was ben english
Posted by jonny (2254 days ago)
is there anyone there?
Posted by lezy (2257 days ago)
i want to lik boobs to
Posted by me motherfucker (2275 days ago)
capri cavalli. hot as shiiiiiit.
Posted by whoa (2279 days ago)
whos taht chick with brown hair?
Posted by porn (2291 days ago)
ill shove mines in her vagina
Posted by fat one (2292 days ago)
that shit was hottttttttt!!!!!!! you go boy
Posted by andypandy69 (2298 days ago)
wow now this made me come real quick ,what a sexy site seeinf a man with 2 pussys to lick,the best
Posted by dude (2300 days ago)
Posted by natasha (2302 days ago)
fuck me
Posted by dammmm (2302 days ago)
They must be some awesome VIP! I want to be in there!
Posted by Fucks Chick Hard ;) (2303 days ago)
Who wants to get fuckkked
Posted by say Yeah (2342 days ago)
you are silly xD
Posted by mike (2344 days ago)
i'll eat you out
Posted by me (2351 days ago)
shit if johnny sins wanted to eat my pussy i'd fuckin let em. whether people thought i was a hoe or not.god dang he's so fuckin hot.
Posted by horn-e (2352 days ago)
he good!! They aint hoes , hes the one licking two pussies.
Posted by Iknow (2356 days ago)
I used to be a stripper in ATL
Posted by n (2357 days ago)
I wish I could borrow him!!!!!
Posted by babe (2357 days ago)
im horny
Posted by becca (2358 days ago)
Posted by Iknow (2358 days ago)
This is the VIP room at a strip talks, bullshit runs the marathon.
Posted by GoLo ~^Da Killa^~ (2358 days ago)
they dont get HIV of licking noobs
Posted by none of ur business (2358 days ago)
nasty hoes
Posted by ? (2358 days ago)
they have hiv
Posted by UMMM (2358 days ago)
Now 2 more people have HIV
Posted by 2 ken (2359 days ago)
g me b up n dat ass cuz because me be 2 ken who evers on dis site suck my dick.
Posted by TheFlyingLover (2359 days ago)
Go Mr. Clean Go!!!
Posted by horny (2359 days ago)
hey hotfuck, i can do that ;)
Posted by m (2359 days ago)
Posted by hotfuck (2359 days ago)
lick me like that


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